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Hire Chuck Cantalamessa for your next eventChuck as a Solo Act

Chuck Cantalamessa is available for solo performances at special events such as weddings, anniversaries, private parties and corporate events. During these engagements he performs a combination of hit songs by more than 100 popular artists (See Covers for a complete list), and some of his original compositions.

Chuck plays both 6 and 12-string vintage acoustic Martin guitars, which provide a percussive sound with rich harmonic overtones. With his state-of-the-art sound system, Chuck Cantalamessa can fill a large function room with high fidelity sound, or provide a soft background for more intimate moments.Using his charm and outgoing personality, Chuck likes to engage his audience in small talk. He also passes out copies of his brochure, and encourages people to make requests. If requested at private parties, Chuck will distribute Song Books and have his audience sing along with him. Moreover, as a consummate entertainer, his primary goal is to provide an environment for people to have fun.As everyone knows, the best way to break up a good party is to have a long break in the music. However, during a typical engagement, Chuck will normally play without taking a break. Chuck usually performs indoors, but weather permitting, he can also work in outdoor venues

Hire Chuck Cantalamessa - Duo or Wind StarWind Star … a dynamic group

Wind Star is the group that Chuck played with during his winning appearances on Star Search. During 80’s, they performed on a regular basis at a number of popular night clubs in South, Florida and Colorado. After working apart for almost 10-years, they came together again in 2001 for a special reunion performance at Rocky Gap Resort in Maryland. The magic was still there! Now Chuck Cantalamessa and various members of the group are available for your special events.

Depending on your requirements and preference, Chuck Cantalamessa can arrange to have Wind Star members Chuck ‘Trunk’ Kirkpatrick, Scott Kirkpatrick and/or Jim Null join him to form a duo, trio or quartet.

When Chuck Cantalamessa performs with Wind Star, they play all of the songs from their individual and combined repertoires to provide an exciting and entertaining musical experience for their audience.


The rates charged by Chuck Cantalamessa and Wind Star are negotiable. Some of the factors that are considered include the date or season of the event, time of day, duration, and location. Driving time or air fares and hotel accommodations for Chuck and/or the group add to the cost.

Please feel free to contact Chuck to discuss availability and rates for your next special event. Chuck is also open to the prospect of providing quotes for multiple appearances at public venues in the area around Southwest Pennsylvania.

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